• Three trans women of color on a stage. Woman on right holding a microphone with a red dress, arm around the woman in the middle with blue sequined top and hat holding cane, and women on left raising her hands


    Your gift gets magical healing + radical culture shift work out into the world, powered by queer and trans people of color.

  • Four Black and Brown QTPOC artists on a stage, one person holds a microphone while a 2nd person embraces them, two people in the background are smiling and applauding

    Art Services

    We work to build the field of social justice arts through our arts services.

  • Thin neon rainbow with various "love" phrases in graphic text as a backgroun. Live let love, love wins, love is a right


    Here we list resources on art, healing and cultural work for collective liberation.

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Table of coloring books, bucket of crayons, and sign-in sheet. Text on book covers: Love Liberates: A Trans POC Coloring Book

Photography by Gwen Park

 Trans + gender non-conforming people of color deserve joy + love. So Peacock Rebellion and People of Coloring commissioned 6 local TGNC POC artists to interview 4 long-time organizers and conjure a coloring book to celebrate the big community win of Liberate 23rd Avenue.

Does the cost of mental health care stress you out more than the issue you want to see a therapist about? Ever go to a community clinic, ask for a QTPOC therapist, and get assigned to a white lady with faux-locks? Folks in Peacock Rebellion's networks sent us these links to low-cost QTPOC therapist resources in the Bay Area.

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We're an SF Bay Area -based, queer + trans people of color crew of artist-activist-healers. We make sassy sexy art to help build a culture of social justice, with an emphasis on healing justice. We think you're cute. Find out more about us!

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